Better ways to earn money with print-on-demand t-shirts than Redbubble, Society6, and Teepublic. The best way to make money online. Use Threadless Artist Shops to sell merch for your brand. All made on demand.

Switch to Artist Shops: Build Your Brand While Earning More Money

Are you selling your art online? By switching to Artist Shops, you'll get your own fully customizable e-commerce store for your brand, along with access to the Threadless marketplace and its millions of customers.

Artist Shops provides the best free platform for you to earn the most. Focus your time on creating your art, building your brand, and sharing it with the world. We'll do the rest!

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Artist Shops lets you focus on making and sharing art, leave everything else to us

Artist Shops vs Typical POD Marketplaces

  Typical POD Marketplaces
I.e. Redbubble or Society6
Artist Shops
by Threadless
Creator Fees Many marketplaces like Redbubble and Society6 are introducing additional fees if your account doesn't meet their requirements. Threadless has no arbitrary account-specific creator fees.
Your Brand Presence With a basic profile page and limited customization options available to you, customers are easily distracted and browse around to other artists and products in a vast marketplace. Your fully customizable, white-labeled e-commerce store puts your brand and designs front and center.
Ease of Use Most marketplaces require you to create a new unique file for every individual product. With just a single file, you can make your design available across hundreds of products.
Your Traffic When you promote your profile, your customers are forced to create accounts for their marketplace and use that info to advertise other artists. When you promote your Artist Shop, your customer only sees your brand and products, and with the customization options available to you, you can curate your customers' first impression perfectly match to your brand.
Marketplace Access Your only presence is in the marketplace, with zero control over where your art is displayed. In addition to your branded store, your art could also be displayed in the Threadless marketplace giving you access to millions of Threadless customers.
Offline Retail Opportunities Your only sales channel is typically just the marketplace with no offline opportunities. Threadless partners with Artist Shop owners to license their work to a growing collection of 14+ offline retail partners.
Marketing Support You are regularly required to run whatever promotion the marketplace chooses and asked to promote it for them. You can run your own promotions or leverage Threadless's 20 years of e-commerce experience and let us manage them for you.
Earnings Potential Most Marketplaces only offer you 10% of a sale. Threadless pays ~2x the market average per unit sold. You can set your own pricing or let us handle that for you.
Your Customers Marketplaces do not let you know who your customers are. Threadless allows you to build and access your customer list so you can share updates with your fans.
Years Experience Younger marketplaces are unable to replicate Threadless's tenure or experience. Threadless started in 2000 and pioneered the art-based t-shirt business model.

Customer Satisfaction
Product quality is guaranteed. If your customers are not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly replace or exchange items free of charge.

Shop Support
Whether it's helping to customize your shop, assisting with design placement, or answering questions in real-time — we are here to help.

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How Artist Shops Work

We keep it simple so you can focus on making and selling your art

  • Upload your designs
  • Choose from 100s of products and add to your store
  • Spread the word and collect your cash

One Size Does Not Fit All

We believe your Artist Shop should be a seamless extension of your brand

Your online store should be uniquely yours. Your logo, your colors, your brand. That’s why Artist Shops are fully customizable. From adding lifestyle photos to your homepage to emailing your customers just to say “thanks!”, your Artist Shop is truly your own.

Screenshots of responsive Artist Shops

Sell Your Art On 100's Of Products

With Artist Shops, you can sell hundreds of custom one-off apparel, home decor, and accessory items. Choose specific products and styles to sell, or sell it all! Our editing tool makes customizing your products easy. No minimum order size, unlimited designs, unlimited possibilities.

How Much Money Can I Make?

It’s your shop; you choose to control prices or let us manage pricing and promotions for you. There are no minimums, no shipping costs, and no worries when it comes to customer service (we’ve got you covered). You even save money when ordering your own items, paying only the product cost (plus free shipping when you hit a certain price). With no production fees, it’s all profit!

  Example Price - Product Cost = Your Profit
T-shirts$27.81 $17.81 $10
Tanks$30.53 $20.53 $10
Long Sleeve T-shirts$39.86 $27.86 $12
Zip Hoodies$58.99 $39.99 $19
Crewneck Sweatshirts$49.89 $34.89 $15
Bucketfeet Shoes$68.75 $51.75 $17
Slim Phone Cases$30.20 $19.20 $11
18" x 24" Art Print$45.63 $31.63 $14
18" x 18" Throw Pillow$40.43 $28.43 $12
Shower Curtain$85.84 $65.84 $20
4' x 6' Rug$143.10 $123.10 $20
Queen Duvet Cover$141.45 $121.45 $20

For example, if you choose to set your own prices and sell 100 t-shirts in a week at the example price, that’s an extra $1,000 in additional weekly income in your pocket (or $52,000 per year)!

Join 200,000+ Artists Selling Their Art Online

“I love seeing photos of different beings in my shirts from all over the p l a n e t - it’s seriously gratifying to see digital art become physical so easily! Being able to upload the design once and apply it to dozens of different products is super fun and easy. And they’re always working on new products, which is super exciting to me.”

— Nathan Pyle, Strange Planet
Photo of a testimonial from Nathan Pyle, Strange Planet

“It's hard to keep all sizes in stock when you are self-producing. Which is exactly why I thought this was such a great opportunity to do this collaboration with Artist Shops.”

— Tara McPherson
Photo of a testimonial from Nathan Pyle, Strange Planet